Feeling and looking amazing on your wedding day is priceless.
Here are some specialists who can help you look and feel amazing on your special day

Brides-to-be Top Slimming Hints & Tips from The Wedding Dress Diet Plan
Invest in some digital scales to see small weight losses which will help keep you in the zone.
Drink plenty of water (4 Pints min per day).

Take a before photo of yourself upon starting your challenge and stick this on your fridge. Every time you open the fridge take a look and remember why you put that there. Just think about that perfect dress and the day and that will help keep you motivated.

Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful, when you concentrate on the food you are eating, the flavour and enjoyment will be so much more intense, you will find yourself more full and satisfied.

Try porridge for breakfast or lunch, not only can you get some great tasty flavours, this will keep you fuller for longer.

Want a quick low calorie meal? Try a prawn or chicken stir fry. Replace the noodles for extra vegetables. Proteins like chicken and prawns will help keep you full up through-out the day.

If you occasionally fancy something sweet… Try Lindt dark chocolate for an intense chocolate hit at only 40 calories approximately per square. One square is enough for a sweet tooth and will stop you reaching for the whole bar, but yet still satisfying that craving.

Good Luck…

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