Decorating your chosen venue is such an important part of your special day and there are many things to consider. It is important to take time and look around and understand the dynamics of the venue for instance, is it old or modern, does it have high ceilings or low ceilings, does it have natural light or artificial light, will your chosen colour scheme go with the colour of the room etc.

For an older venue, you could consider using natural woods to give a rustic feel to the room together with natural flower displays, candelabras and tea lights. For a modern room, you could use fishbowls filled with beads and lights, large martini glasses with ostrich feathers or mirrors and crystals as table centres. Look for any key features in the room as they can be decorated too i.e. lovely mantelpiece or wooden beams.

If the ceiling is high then tall centrepieces would work really well such as candelabras, tall vases or martini glasses whereas birdcages filled with flowers or small arrangements of flowers would better suit a lower ceiling.

Lighting is very important and can really set the mood for your event. Natural light is always nice but not always available. If there isn’t much natural light you could use candelabras, tea lights or lanterns. Backdrops with integral fairy lights look lovely behind the top table. There are plenty of battery operated lights to choose from if a natural flame is not allowed or if an electricity supply is not available.

Table cloths and chair covers can transform the most basic furniture. A crisp white table cloth will always look lovely and a white chair cover with an organza or satin sash in your wedding colour will certainly compliment the event styling.

It certainly does help to use a venue stylist, especially if you are unsure of what to have for your special day. Ask to see photos of previous work, look at fabric samples, flowers etc. and, if possible, visit the venue together.