When it comes to your big day, you and your guests are certainly going to want to remember it for years to come. One great way of doing this is by hiring a portable photo booth, which can be set up almost anywhere you choose to get married.

Here’s just a few reasons why you might want to consider a photo booth at your wedding.


The booths can be set up easily at a range of different venues.

All of our booths are totally mobile, so as long as there is a sturdy flat surface big enough to accommodate the booth, away from the elements and with close access to mains power there is no reason why a photo booth cannot be set up in stately homes, converted churches, barns, basements, marquees, gazeebos to name but a few.


They provide great entertainment for your guests.

Photo booths are a great addition to any event as not only do they provide you with some hugely memorable, and entertaining photos from your big day, they also give your guests the opportunity to add to the occasion. With silly props on hand, they provide hours of fun, as well as a hugely entertaining means of documenting the evening when your official photographer has probably left for the day. As an added bonus, your guests will also be able to take their prints home, and view all the events shenanigans via a password protected online gallery.


They’re less formal.

You might have already considered hiring a professional photographer for your wedding and whilst this is always a sensible choice, they don’t always capture the emotions of your guests and the excitement surrounding your big day. Photo booths provide a fantastic solution as they’re much less formal and really allow your guests to have some fun, which in turn can lead to some great photos.


Essentially photo booths are a great, affordable way option for couples that are looking to add some extra excitement and entertainment to their celebration. Here are some of our tips for getting the most out of your wedding booth hire.


Make sure you include a guestbook.

Our photo booth hire includes a guestbook as standard with no additional costs. The guestbook is a great way to remember your special event, our attendants will be on hand to prompt guests to place a photo in the guestbook along with a written, personal message. The guestbook is then yours to keep, the perfect memento of your celebration.


Personalise the photos.

Add your names or the date or venue name to the prints outs to make them more personal, or add your own designs and colour schemes to the images. This could match your theme or wedding stationary.


Consider a USB Stick.

This option allows you to take away all the images which have been downloaded on to a USB stick, which can sometimes be done at the actual event. You are then free to share the images with your friends, order prints and other personalized gifts.


Think about the location of the booth.

Most booths can take between 1 – 1.5 hours to set up so you may want to consider positioning the booth in a separate room. This is a great way to ensure that the set up doesn’t interrupt any key moments or disturb your guests.


Make the most of the booths software.

Most booths are packed full of features that can really add to the experience. Consider black and white or vintage photos as well as colour, or ask if the booth can be set up so that it prints random photos with a prize symbol. This photo could then be used to claim a prize, or a free drink at the bar.


Personalise the props.

All photo booth companies will include a vast range of fun props to use, however consider tailoring the props to suit your theme or tastes, or ask if the props can be personalized. This could be as simple as using chalkboards and asking your guests to write down their own personal messages. This way, you are creating unique pictures and probably getting lots of marriage advice.

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